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Nov 13 SUP Suicide Doesn't Discriminate, Charlotte

Suicide Doesn't Discriminate: Suicide Prevention in Minority Populations    Register Now    November 13, 2018
9 AM – 3 PM

Charlotte AHEC, Center for Learning & Development


Almost half of all Americans will develop some form of mental illness during their lifetime. Yet studies show that minorities are more likely to go untreated. This could be the result of the stigma often attached to mental illness by people of color, or the notion that minorities don't die by suicide. At any rate, the end result is, an increase in suicide rates among communities of color, and marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ community. It’s important that we understand that suicide can be a concern for any individual, regardless of race or ethnicity. In short, suicide doesn't discriminate.


Victor Armstrong – Vice President – Behavior Health, Atrium Health
Brisa Hernandez – Director – Community Based Research, Atrium Health
Nicole R. French, PsyD – Clinical Director – Veterans Bridge Home and NC Serves
Tommy Rieman – US Army Veteran – Veterans Bridge Home and NC Serves
Rich Robles – Senior Director – Diversity and Inclusion, Novant
Karen Thomas – Retired Executive Director of Student Services for CMS – Keynote
Rodney Villanueva – Physician, MD – Behavior Health, Atrium Health