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Oct 18 SUP The Future of Veteran Hiring, Charlotte

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The Future of Veteran Hiring

For leaders of companies who hire or wish to hire transitioning veterans

....While only 8% of Military Veterans, prefer working on project types that are reactionary in nature and require quick trouble-shooting or researching under pressure.

 This means in a civilian workforce, military veterans want to be seen as valued contributors and trusted to proactively apply their experiences and talents in meaningful ways which support the overall success of the team. 

 When this can't occur, or isn't permissible, employers may find their veteran new-hires losing interest and readily seeking outside career opportunities. 

Statistics continue to show veteran employment retention  as a real issue with some of the highest reasons being lack of career development, advancement path and meaningful work.

Therefore, learning a veteran's project work preferences and goals earlier, probing further if misaligned and working together to set expectations within the 1st 30-days of on-boarding, if possible, is key for hiring managers. Doing so, can significantly increase your veteran employment retention rates. 

 Understanding what data HR Leaders should pay attention to, and how to apply it more effectively, will be critical to the success of their ongoing veteran hiring initiatives.

 Join us on October 18th, 2018, for BrandDisco© and Goodwill's upcoming Future of Veteran Hiring Event , for Employers only, to learn how organizations across the nation are already solving this problem and ways that you can too! Register today.